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Good morning,

Please could we have the option of deleting tasks when required. An example scenario is when the customer has raised a request incorrectly - we would resolve the request and advise the customer instead of cancelling it and the task is therefore not required.

Although there is a delete button, this does not work and presents the below error.

Many thanks,

Delete task.png

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This error occurs when the Workflow is using the outcome of the task in some way - e.g. to update the Timeline or affect a branch. Therefore if you deleted the Task the Workflow would break.
If a Request is raised in error the expected action would be to cancel that Request and raise a new one correctly (if necessary, linking the cancelled Request for reference) which would also cancel the Tasks.
If you are closing the Request instead of cancelling you would need to action any tasks in order to progress the Workflow to completion - as mentioned above, deleting the Task would break the Workflow. The option here is to have an additional outcome on the Task of "Request raised in error" which would complete the Task and even allow you to automate the closure of the Request that has been incorrectly raised.

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