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Reporting on Tasks within Service Manager


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We have been asked to produce a report where answers to certain questions are a building, which we can do via the Questions table. However I am struggling to join the h_sys_tasks table to the report.

Has anyone done this and can help with being able to join this?

I have so far managed to join the request and questions tables together and I have added the sys tasks but there doesn't seem to be any data coming through on the report so I guess that I am doing something wrong.

I will then need to find answered to specific questions that were asked in the task to report on them....I hope that this is something that can be done?

This is how I am attempting to join the data:


When you look at the sys tasks table there doesn't seem to be a link to the request number/bpm directly but it's alluded to in various columns but has other data around it so I am guess that I need to do this differently?

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@Steve Giller I have just seen this and managed to do it, however is there a 'nice' way to present the task questions and answers in a report?

As currently it shows the xml questions and xml responses but how do you tie them together to get some that looks like question/answer?

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Not my area of expertise, I'm afraid, but the nature of a report is that it can only report on what data is in the table, so the XML is what you have to work with, I'm afraid.

Using the report to export the data for manipulation by something like PowerBI might be an option?

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ok thanks, I would suggest that there is lack of functionality within the software if you can't generate reports within Service Manager with the information displayed in a cohesive manner.

Is this something that Hornbill are looking at improving?

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