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Measures and joining tables


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I am hoping someone could show me if it's possible to use a measure and join to other tables,  I ideally would like to get a percentage of self service requests but exclude any where a member of ICT is a customer

in a report I would left join the h_sys_accounts table and use the h_class field to do this but I can't seem to get this to work in a measure

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Hi @Jim

You could try something like this in the WHERE clause?

h_fk_user_id not in ( select h_user_id from h_sys_accounts where h_class = '1' )

Hopefully this works.



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Hi @Jim,

No problem at all :)

I hope you managed to capture the code after I made a slight amendment to it... I accidentally set to where h_class != '1' but it should've been h_class = '1'.

Basically restricts where the users is not in the list of accounts where their class is equals to '1'.

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