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Adding a Connection from a user captured in an custom field


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I have a problem where an 'add connection' node isn't working.  The BPM in question has 2 of these nodes, one which works and one which doesn't.  Both nodes use a variable to get the contents of the IC question where the user is captured, but the difference is that the one that works uses a field that is a value, and the other is a custom field.  I've obtained the following guidance on a support call but I can't determine how to do this.

I tried just grabbing the custom field variable but this didn't work either.

Can anyone help?   Thanks


image.png.4dbc41b7199f9b702a83d37fd752e2ad.png image.png.dada44b7dc744864236e3d812b65323b.png

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Hi Sam,

One thing to make sure of is that you are using the Raw value when adding your variable.  When you use the Dynamic drop down select box->Data Query->Search All Users, there are two values that are returned.  The display value and the raw value.  The display value is the display name of the user.  The raw value is the ID of the user.  The automation for adding a Connection to a request I believe requires the variable to contain the ID and not the display name.  I'm guessing that the one that is not working for you has the variable selected for display value (display name) rather than raw value (user ID).  To correct this, on the Add connection node, remove the existing variable and add it back in, making sure that raw value is selected.  Let us know if this works.



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Thanks James,  the raw value does indeed work, but it wasn't yesterday when the field in question was custom field b.  So I removed the custom field earlier today and then added a further node in the BPM to copy the field to custom b once the connection has been added, thanks

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Hi @SJEaton

Just for future reference, if you are mapping directly from the Intelligent Capture into a Custom Fields (as opposed to setting a custom field in the Business Process), the type of field type and option that you have selected will impact whether the content of the custom field is the DISPLAY VALUE or the VALUE/RAW VALUE. 

In your example, because you mapped a Dropdown -> Data Query -> Get All Users to h_custom_b, this resulted in a Display Value rather than the Raw Value - hence why you got the error. 

I have tested this, and put together what is returned for each type of Intelligent Capture selection attribute that you may choose to map - see below. 
If the option you need is not on this list, then you will need to use the BPM to retrieve what you require, as opposed to a direct custom field mapping. 



Kind Regards


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