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LDAP import utility failing

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Does anyone know where the ldap server name information would be configured?

Our LDAP import utility has stopped working because one of our domain controllers has been decommissioned. The error log shows it is trying to connect to the now decommissioned server.

However I cannot find where the actual server name is configured. The data import profiles don't actually specify a server name anywhere, so I was wondering if there was another section in Hornbill that would be configured with the server name of a domain controller?

or is this going to be a local issue on the server when running the utility? The utility seems to want to try and connect to the old Dc server name? 

Ive tried flushing dns, checked the server running the utility can see and contact the new DC server which it can.


So not sure if its a Hornbill config issue somewhere or a local server issue?


any ideas



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In the Admin View, under Platform Configuration -> Data Import Configurations -> [Import Name] -> LDAP Server the Authentication parameter will have the connection setting.

This will be the name of a connection in the KeySafe (Platform Configuration -> KeySafe) which you will need to update with the new server credentials.

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@Steve Giller


thanks steve - i checked that but did not realise that the authentication section was actually referencing a security keysafe that in turn is configured with the server details.


i've change the key safe and that has now started working.


thanks for your help.



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