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Minor UI issue: Service config View Details Form read-only is not showing the fields configured for the form until we click "Design" to edit

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When we customise a Details form within a Service, the default view when we open it from the Service configuration is only this:


We have loads of custom fields, etc in that design but they are not showing so it looks like it's just standard. I think they should be there... This is what the edit view looks like and I would be expecting this to show in the read-only view before pressing "Design".


To compare, this is what the read-only form view looks like for another service where we have not altered the default; the fields showing in Details are displayed in the read-only view (before edit):


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No, I do not have that box ticked for fields on my design because I, indeed, only want the boxes to show when they have data.

I think what you are saying is that the read-only view prior to selecting to Design always shows only shows the form fields that will be visible when there is no data. I was assuming it would show all the fields configured to show even if there were data. I see why that may seen as valid so I think I am only expressing here a preference that the design read-only view should show any and all activated/configured fields so it's immediately obvious when opening what they are and if they need editing.

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