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Individual not able to be assigned requests

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We have a specific team member who is a user, has the right roles, and is within the right team, but they are not appear on the ''assign to'' box on new requests.

I've demoted them to Basic and reinstated their licence, removed and readded them to the the team and reviewed their roles but all is as it should be. Any ideas?

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Ho @lomixture

Is there anything unique about the user's name such as containing an apostrophe?  Or is their name or handle very similar to another user?  If you go into the BPM workflow designer and on a test workflow if you had an assignment node to assign an owner to a request, do you see the user when setting this node up?

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On 3/23/2023 at 4:11 PM, James Ainsworth said:

Have you checked the Service Desk option to make sure that they are enabled for assignment? 


Ahhhh she was showing as 'no' on this screen! How has that come to be? 

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