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Minor defect/enhancement/annoyance: Simplelists autosave doesn't seem to work if you add multiple lines at once

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I opened a simplelist, clicked "add new list item" four times and then entered my data one row at a time. Only the last entry auto-saved (and that only worked when I clicked the cursor off the data entry field). In short, the top row was not saved by me starting to enter the second row; this I think is not working as designed...


I closed the window and only the entry with the green tick saved, the other 3 were lost.


The only way to get the other 3 to save is, one by one to click on them all again; which kind of defeats the idea of auto-save because I may as well have a save button (which has been removed though). The code to auto-save seems to only be triggered once re-entering an existing populated field.

Can I ask HB look at this and improve it? I know how to get around it and not lose my entries but it's not elegant.

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I have tested this and have the same results.

I'll ask development to take a look, however the Button is marked "Add New List Item" and not "Add New List Items" so I suspect that this is the expected behaviour, although if so I will suggest that the button is disabled until the new entry is saved.

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