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Email notification of an authorisation outcome to other authorisers/approvers


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We have a number of authorisers/approvers who are not always logged in to the portal and would like to be alerted via email to confirm if an authorisation/approval task they were previously emailed about has been actioned and by whom. 

This would avoid the need to login to check only to find the authorisation/approval has already been done.

Is this possible?

If so are there any variables available to add to email templates that relate to authorisations/approvals?


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@Steve Giller I don't see many options for adding variables about the authorisation in the standard email template eg the outcome - Unless I am missing something?
I am testing out using the direct message send in a hornbill automation node in the BPM as it seems to allow variables to be added to the body of the email including the authorisation outcome.



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