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Enhancement Request - Sort Asset Listings in Supplier and Contract screens by Name

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A year or so ago you improved the Assets Listing window in the Supplier screen. It has an eyeball which gives a pop-out window and search function which makes it much easier to search for assets assigned to a Supplier when there a large number of them.


However this list is in some strange sorted order (it actually looks random!). Can this be sorted alphabetically by the Asset Name? Our naming format often puts these in groups and it is much easier to find and view them in that way.

Similarly on the Contracts screen the list of Assets available to be assigned to that Contract (which is basically the list above for the Supplier of the Contract) is sorted in the same 'random' and unhelpful way. We have some Suppliers with over 100 assigned assets. In this screen there is no pop-out or search function. That would help but just having them sorted by Name would be an enormous benefit.


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