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Change Feedback Submitted (Team Notification) so a notification is sent to Team each time feedback is received

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Currently if this Service Manager Notification Setting is enabled for either Hornbill or Email, a notification is only sent to the team when their is no owner.
Could this be changed so that a notification is sent to the Team every time feedback is received.


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Hi @Paul Chambers

This was purposely done like this where a team would only get a notification on the rare occasion when a request doesn't have an owner so that someone is notified and aware of the update.  What you should be able to do is along with using the Wait for Customer Feedback, you can follow this node with an automation to send an email to the members of the team. 


The problem with opening this up so that team members always get a notification, even when there is an owner, is that there will be many customers that will not want the extra notification noise. 

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