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Errors running reports with a select date


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We are finding today that we are getting errors running established reports either where you select a date to run between or from.  (attached)
If I go to look at the filter it doesn't let me open the filter tab, not greyed out just doesn't do anything when clicked
This is happening for a selection of reports but not all.

In the last few days the scheduling has stopped for our reports, daily ones last run on Thursday last week. 

I have logged with support but are there any known issues with reporting



report error.PNG

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@Paul Chambers @joseph.doyle @Frank Reay 

A fix to resolve this issue was pushed out overnight. Please note: that any existing report(s) which are missing the userprompt config will still fail and these will need to be recreated.  All other reports are not affected.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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My existing reports seem to be working OK but I can't get a new report to run on a scheduled date. It all looks as though it is going to work but it just doesn't produce a report. I can run the report using the play button and it produces the expected report, just not when I use the schedule action. I don't have a userprompt in my report, instead I have a set time period to extract data from


report filter screenshot.png

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Regarding the scheduled reports not working, we have identified a product defect (ref: KE00176398). The fix will be available in the next ESP build, this is planned to be released within the next couple of weeks.

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