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Service Portfolio: Adding Subscribers by Manager

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I was looking to set the visibility of a service by the manager that users report to.

I can see that if I set a team as a subscriber I have an option to enable and disable subgroups access.

Ideally, I would like to be able to do something similar for a manager.

We could create an organisation and add the reportees to it however that would need continual management as people's positions change.

I appreciate that if that manager leaves then the visibility would be affected for anyone who reported to them.

What would be your recommendation here?


Many thanks





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If (and from experience it's a very big if!) your Users are imported from a data source where your internal structure is kept up to date this could potentially be achieved with carefully structured imports using the Organisation section to pull in Group memberships that related to Hornbill Groups.

It's not a simple thing to set up, and relies on the underlying data being accurate and time-critical, so the likelihood here is that although technically possible it's not really practical without significant overhead.

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