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Zendesk Auto-Task help

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I have created an auto-task that currently raises a ticket successfully in Zendesk, updated the ticket reference timeline (hornbill) with the Zendesk ticket ID, and then places the ticket (hornbill) on hold.

What I am struggling to get working is that when the agent resolves the ticket in Zendesk, the last update doesn't get added into my Hornbill ticket timeline and the Hornbill ticket should get taken off hold. I have set a decision node that looks for the status = solved in Zendesk in order to progress:




Below is the first two nodes which works fine as Zendesk returns the ticket ID in the timeline:




below are the decision criteria:



Any help would be appreciated. 

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I don't know about the ZenDesk status - my most likely suggestion is that it may be a different value in the same way as Hornbill uses "status.resolved" but displays "Resolved" for example - but looping every 2 minutes is a very bad idea. I would not recommend this loop being set to more than once a day.

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@Dave LongleyWe had a similar issue with Jira and solved(-ish) it by getting the emails sent out by Jira and using the routing rules to catch emails where the Jira status had been set to "done" and applying those to the ticket, then having the BPM take it off hold on an update.
I don't know how to connect this to an Autotask though, but maybe you have some ideas

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@Dave Longley Solved should have a lower-case s, as per the Zendesk API response:


Totally agree with @Steve Giller though, looping every 2 minutes is a really bad idea so you need to extend that period by quite a lot. What you should really do though, is to implement a proper 2-way integration - use Zendesk triggers & an appropriate marketplace app (Zapier or the like) to make API calls back into Hornbill to update the Hornbill ticket when the Zendesk ticket is set to Solved.


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