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Point based classification on requests rather than time based classification

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Hi All,

We have recently had a new proposal suggested by one of our teams members around using a point based classification on requests outcomes, rather than time based classification. The idea behind this is to provide more meaningful performance data to management, as time based classification can be interpreted in a number of differing ways dependent on the analysts understanding of capturing time. 

Our proposal is for the engineer to be set a target point score for each working day, and dependent on the tasks the engineer completes this will feed into their daily score. I wanted to see if anyone else has implemented anything similar in the system to move away from time recording as the measure to report on analyst stats within their organisation? I believe there is nothing in the system currently to do this as I have seen no options, so this is more a call out to see if anyone else may have implemented anything similar in their instances? 

Below shows the idea to associate a score to common tasks and use this to output a daily score

Many thanks as always


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 The closest the system has to this would be closure categories - I expect you could report on those into a csv/excel sheet and then reference a point lookup from there.

Aside from that I don't think there's anything built-in that would mimic this.

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