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Definition of "last updated"


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The short answer to this is "Any change to a Request"

The list would be:

  • A Timeline Post or Comment is Added, Edited, or Deleted
  • The Status or Sub-Status are changed
  • The Request is placed On Hold or taken Off Hold
  • The Category is changed
  • The Priority is changed
  • The Urgency is changed
  • The Request is Escalated
  • An Asset or Asset Type is linked/unlinked
  • A file attachment is added
  • Customers or Connections are Changed/Added/Removed
  • An email is sent
  • A Request is linked/unlinked or a Linked Request is created
  • The Request is Resolved, Closed, Reopened or has the Resolution Details updated
  • A Member is added or removed
  • A Workaround is set
  • The Request's standard or custom fields are updated
  • For Changes/Releases; the Request is scheduled/unscheduled


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