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Confused about criteria for the Owner filter on My Activities Views


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I have been setting-up some Collab Users and wanted to tell them to filter by those Activities where they are the Owner. I use a variable in the Owner field of the Activity when it is created as a Human Task and expected therefore to see all such options there. When I had an Owner of "John Smith", John Smith did not appear in the filter as an available option despite clearly showing as the Owner of an Activity on the screen.

What I see is a mixture of entries and therefore would like to know how this is derived. Thanks.


For example, the "All Users Email Dist List" entry is just a Basic User and there's no rhyme nor reason as to why that should appear in this list over and above any of the 2000 other Basic users we have...?


And the "xxx Support" one is a Basic user with some additional perms:


So why are they appearing? What is the criteria for getting users to appear in that list?


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