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Employee portal URL changes?

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Hi @Daniel Dekel


sorry what I mean is I did have a shortcut link to our employee portal which allows staff to raise IT, Fcilities calls etc. When I was doing some testing today that URL now takes me back to the agent portal where I manage all teh calls that come in. Soi I'm not sure if the URL for customer\employee portals have chnaged or my links are just broken.

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I think I may have confused thinks. I'm unable to get to the emploee portal where I see services as if I was a basic user of the system not a user. I dont know if its a URL issue. I can't seem to find where I find all our URL's for customer and employee portal in the Hornbill application settings. 



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The Customer Portal (note: this is for Contacts, not Users) is https://customer.hornbill.com/[INSTANCE_NAME]
The Employee Portal (note: this is now for both Full and Basic Users) is https://live.hornbill.com/[INSTANCE_NAME]

Signing in via  will take you to your Default View, set by clicking your Icon in the top right corner as shown above.

Selecting Company Home will take you to the Co-Worker's view of the Employee Portal, rather than the Request List.

The link provided above of https://live.hornbill.com/[INSTANCE_NAME]/servicemanager/ is not a complete URL and will probably show a 404 page.


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