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Emails in outbox due to issue with password set on mailbox

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Hi All,

On Monday this week we made some changes to our mailbox configuration whilst looking at how to potentially implement OAuth2. However it appears that the password was not set correctly, so we now have around 2000 emails in the outbox waiting to be sent.

It looks like these are slowly being processed as the number has now gone down to 1900, but I wanted to confirm that these will process and be sent now that the password is correct? I can see normal activity resumed on the mailbox this morning after correcting the password, so it is sending / receiving / auto attaching as expected. 

Many thanks as always

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Hi @Adrian Simpkins

I didn't spot this post - as far as I'm aware the system should work its way through the backlog in chunks. If you see the number stop reducing please let us know, but I imagine you'll have a good idea of whether this is processing as expected by this stage.

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