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Service Manager Report - Grouping data based on certain keywords in their summary column


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Hope you are doing well.

I have been working on trying to solve a issue where I am making separate groups of records in a PDF spreadsheet (with each group being a different team). I now need to produce two more groups however in order to do this I need to somehow identify certain keywords in one of the columns (called "Summary") for each record so the record will go in either one of those 2 extra groups.

For example, one group called "NON-ICT Managed Changes" needs to contain data which contains the word "IManage" in the "summary" column.
And another group called "External Changes" needs to contain data which has the word "VM", "NOPW", "Virgin Media", "PSN", "IPVPN", "MIA", "NTE", "OCC", "Vodafone", "BT" in the "summary" column.

Do I need to use the filter for this. I do not really have a lot of experience so I may need a step-by-step guide please, thank you.

I hope this makes sense and helps.
Please let me know if you have any questions too. 😃

Many thanks.

I have attached a sample spreadsheet (made by hand) of what it needs to kind of look like. Something for me to reference back to. (not sure if it has uploaded due to it saying "Upload Failed").

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