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Update node in Service Manager - what happens to images inserted here?

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Hi All,

I have come across 2 requests today where Users have posted images into the Update node, and this in turn of course generates an update email to the customer. However, as an image was inserted and no text inserted the injector is empty as below. What i wanted to clarify is what happens to images posted in the update node please? I am presuming of course that this image would not be injected into the update email hence the error, so wanted to understand what happens to images inserted into the Update node please

Many thanks



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I can't comment on the technical side, but in practical terms the image will appear in the timeline, and if there is no accompanying text then the contents of {{RequestLastActivity.H_content}} will be empty.

I don't think there's any reliable option to guarantee text content - images can be pasted so even a filename for the image isn't a given.

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Thanks Steve - I have issued guidance to the Full Users that they should attach images into the attachment node, and put text into the update node pointing customers to the attachment / image.

Many thanks as always

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