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Default Request List view syntax in Application Settings


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Hi all, we'd like to hide requests with Resolved status by default in the Request List for everyone (our users can set up their own home view if they wish to keep them visible).

I've found what I believe is the appropriate setting: webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.list.view.default

However I'm struggling to find any reference for the syntax without guessing and breaking it!

The setting is currently as it's out-of-the-box state:


I'm guessing "filter-status":{"filterValue":"all"} is the required edit to specify New, Open and On Hold status but what's the syntax?

Many thanks!

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This graphic is probably the simplest way to explain - I've coloured each filterValue and matched it with the UI elements they effect. They effectively "click buttons" on the UI for you.


The correct action is the opposite to the one you're proposing, create a View to your requirements and share it, then it can be set as a Default View by the Users it's shared to.

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