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Do Activities (Human Tasks) have unique URLs and are they accessible through reports?


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My Collab users have asked if they can have a list of their Activities shown as links in a PowerBI report.

So I was after where the link is stored and how the link resolves so that I could turn into a clickable link for them.

Table h_buz_activities has the Activities but, unlike RequestID, they are not in a simple URL format.

When I inspect the element of the Activity link in the UI I see only the below:


Can URLs for Activities be constructed?

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Hi @Berto2002,

If you go to home -> my activities then click on an activity, then click on the activity title at the top of the popup screen, you can see the Task ID in the URL.

The URL would look something like this:


(Replace <INSTANCE> with your own an everything after ?taskId= with the ID of the task itself)

As long as you have the Task ID, you should be able to construct it, but I think permissions also need to be taken into account as well.

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Sam, great top, thanks. With this I have managed to get a PowerBI report that shows the Customer's text Update - when an Activity exists for a Collaborator to watch for it - and where the last update on a Request was made by a Customer; so they can react swiftly by clicking the link to the Activity they need to action. Feels like a victory that one!

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