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The green & red yes & no buttons on the portal for customer closure confirmation are not dynamic - needs refresh


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So much of the UI is dynamic and refreshes on user A's screen after user B updates something; that's great.

But that does not include the all-important box that appears at the top of the portal Request when it's ready for the customer to confirm it can be closed. To get that, you need to reload the page (latest MS Edge browser, Win10).

Is this as designed or have I spotted something you can add to the improvement list?

Replicate by opening one of your Requests in the portal while it's in Open status and then resolving it from the Service Manager view. You will find that you've lost the ability to comment but the buttons don't appear on the portal until you reload the page.


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Hi @Berto2002, You don't have to reload the page; You just need to click on the "Resolve" tab header to select it; This will then show the buttons.

You are correct though; This can be improved so that the tab is automatically selected. Look out for the following defect fix in an upcoming release of the Service Manager application.

PM00176350 - Request details action tab is not automatically shown in employee portal



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