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Minor bug/annoyance. When BPM error occurs, on-screen error pop-up shows the same truncated error as the notification version


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When a BPM falls into error we get a little box showing the error:


That's truncated; I understand why; it's a notification.

But when we click the box to get the error showing in the pop-up, it is still truncated. That's what I am reporting: it's of little use having the pop-up showing exactly the same truncated error...

... because what I then have to do is reload the ticket to get the full error in the notifs:


And then click it again to get the full error in a pop-up so I can cut and paste it.


What I am asking for is for the action on click to show the "Error Details" pop-up to always show the full error, not the truncated version.



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I'm aware that the errors and the way they are presented to the Users is an area that is under review.

I don't think it's a priority at the moment so I have nothing to offer on timescales, but this is something that will be improved in a future update.

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