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What SQL Reporting table contains an authorisers details?


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Hello all,

I'm trying to produce a report on all approvals sent and the table I've been trying to use is h_bpm_email_approvals, and unfortunately, it has proved fruitless when extracting relevant info i.e. "sent from" & "sent to" etc as these designated fields end up blank, is there a more effective table or method to extract such information?

Many thanks in advance,


Martin Mensah

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Hi Martin,

That is the correct table that holds the email approval info for the bpm engine.I believe the From address will only be set if you specifically put a from address in the bpm node at design time.

The To field should def have data in it, if it doesn't it means the person(s) you have tried to send the auth to don't have email address setup in their user data?

I have attached a test report that will join bpm instance table, email approvals table and sm requests table, it returns info as shown in screenshot. Feel free to upload that but if you are already reporting on that table i would expect you to get data.

Maybe change the select criteria to do where Sent To is not empty ? see if you get any data then? 

So as long as you have the Sent To address you could extend the report to join onto the users table to get the users name, tel info etc



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Just to clarify you are actually talking about "External Approvals" yes and not normal Approvals? To report on normal approvals (where a task is created and assigned to approver) you need to report on the h_sys_tasks table (select * from h_sys_tasks where h_reference = 'bpmApproval')


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Hi Neil,

Thanks for your assistance but unfortunately, none of these solutions have worked for me, all the fields are empty.

I did find another table in the entity explorer called h_sm_request_approvers, however, the table dropdown in the report wizard doesn't display it as an option.

Is there a particular reason for this?





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