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Budget Owner Change


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Hope you are all well.

In the supplier module under contracts, we have created a field and labelled it 'Budget Owner'.  On each contract we have the Budget Owner listed.  A budget owner may be assigned to a number of contracts.  Is there a way of changing the budget owner for all of their contracts or would these have to be changed individually please?  

For example, if Joe Smith was marked as the budget owner for 10 contracts but left the company, is there a way that John Johnson could be made the budget owner for all of these with one change, or would we have to go into each individual contract and change the budget owner.  Thank you.

Kind Regards


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Hi @Ann

When you say you "have created a field and labelled it 'Budget Owner'" is that a Custom Field? In my Contracts I already see a standard field for Budget Owner.


Have you created your own, additional field?

Either way I'm afraid I'm not currently aware of a bulk update option.

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@Steve Giller this would be good for example if you have a "Cyber Security Manager" and that person is replaced, all relevant Cyber Security based contracts are transferred.  This functionality I would see working in the same way as when you can reassign owners of documents in Document Manager admin.

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