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Board error when assigning a call.

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Whenever I assign a call to a person in the team and the call is on a Board I get the following error.

Is this referring to trying to remove the current owner of the call or is it related to issues with the person I am assigning the call to?

I have checked the persons role assignment and they have both the Board User and Board BPM role.

the board itself has been shared and allows the person Group access, but still seems to get this message when tying to re-assign a call.

How do I fix this?

The board in question is one setup to add incidents to for SLA breaches.

*as I side note; i cannot for the life of me work out how our incidents that are about to breach SLA or have Breached SLA get added to the board? I have checked the BPM but nothing on there? I cannot remember how I set this up to work? If incidents are added to a board automatically where would it be configured to do that? 





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