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New board not visible in available boards drop-down


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I have created a new board which seems to be visible on some requests but not on others so cannot add it to a request, if I click Add to Board it doesn't show in the list of available boards.

When go into the new board it also doesn't recognise the owners of the tickets, so all the users it is shared with appear in the board but with 0 tickets assigned unless I drag the user from the top bar to the card it then does update the owner.

Have I missed something in setting it up or got the permissions wrong?  





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A couple of things to check, if you open the config board popup from the menu in the right top corner of the board view and make sure all of the allowed types are checked.  Also make sure the disable data syncing checkbox is unticked as that could be causing the users not to be synced with the board.

Another possibility is that the user adding the request will need the Add to Board permission, you can check which users have this in the Share Board Popup.

The only other thing that could prevent the board from showing in that list is if the request was already added to the board (this would happen even if the card had been archived on the board).



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Hi Trevor 

Thanks for coming back to me.

The check box is unchecked and all the users have Board Manager User role which includes the add to board permission and the boards are both shared with their team

The users show normally on the original board but not the new one.   I've had to add them manually for a demo but it would be good if I could get it to work or display properly so that the picture displays as in the first screen shot.

I have Autotasks and custom buttons set up to set the priority and add it to the correct lane in the board

On the original board it shows as


On the new one shows as no owner unless I drag the picture from the top to the card 



I haven't used board manager much but did wonder if it is possible to have different colours for each lane?   The second one is for a priority board and I wanted to show High in red and low in green, but not sure if it is possible.






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