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Fix by Date - not updating

Salma Sarwar

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I was wondering whether anyone can help with this. In our BPM we have a node that updates the priority from priority unassigned, however this is not reflected in the fixbydate please see below:

It seems to be doing this in the wrong order even though in the BPM it is correct please see below: Priority P4 for some reason is being set before the Priority unassigned is changing to P4.


Kind Regards,







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How could I manually get the new target resolution time so that I could give the customer a more meaningful update. I guess if I do this in the node that is setting the priority I would avoid the situation above. Thank you.


The update that I would like is:

The priority has been set to P4.

The target resolution time is : 27-02-2023 11:42

Thank you.


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