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Unable to clear Custom Field

Sam P

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I am trying to clear Custom Field 40 however I notice that any Custom Field below O behaves differently to those above it, and cannot be cleared using the same method of setting the Operator to Manual and leaving the text blank. Is there a different way of clearing the later Custom Fields? 


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Hi @Sam P

It is possible that for some reason some of the fields (such as Custom 40) have been set to non-nullable.  A workaround can be to open the edit box for Custom 40 and add an invisible character/space by typing ALT+255.

However, you need to keep in mind that this value is no longer NULL so for any reports or Request List Views where you try to exclude a record based on this field being NULL, these records may not be excluded.

I'll feed this back to development to see if these are in fact non-nullable fields and if so, is a reason behind it.


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Thanks James, would be good to know.  I'm hoping for a positive response from development however if its not possible to NULL those Custom Fields could a hint please be placed in the Information pop-up?  Thanks 

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