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Feature Request - "Connected" customers (those added as "Connections") to receive any Timeline updates


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Hi @KShep

I'm assuming that you are referring to when a manual timeline update has been added to a request, it is configured so that the customer receives an email, notifying them of the update.

Possibly this is something that you are already doing but in place of having connections receive an email every time the Service Desk asks for something or provides some form of a manual update to the customer, using the Request Connections->Email Connections automation you could send off periodic email updates to the Connections at different stages of the workflow, such as an update after each check-point is reached.



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Hi James,

Thanks for the suggested but unfortunately we already utilise this. We often have a lot of updates between "check points" where we manually update the timeline and it's these updates we'd wish for the Connections to see. It seems strange that they can't when they do receive all the "check point" emails.

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