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Feature Request - The ability to customise the order of the “Columns” exported from Request List


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Just to follow up on Nicks comments we also build back end reports where we have specific data requirements / column order / column name etc. This avoids having to output data just from a request list, then having to manually order it in Excel. I find the request list data is useful for situations where you need to check data there and then, but more often than not, I will then build the report in the back end to allow for customisation of the columns names and ordering. (1st image)

However if you still want to output from the request list you can order the columns in the configuration before output to Excel (2nd image) by just dragging the columns into the correct order. This may aid in lessening the data manipulation in Excel for you.

1st image:


2nd image:


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Sorry just realised above was incorrect on sorting the request columns when exporting - the above is just to order how you see it in the request list view in Service Manager (I always forget there is a different option for exporting the request list as below). 

So yes if you want to have to avoid ordering the data manually in excel I would advise to build the report in the backend reporting function.

Image you see when exporting to excel - no option to order here:


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If you're exporting regularly from the Request List View you need a report.

The Request List View export is designed to be an occasional, ad-hoc export of small amounts of data. It is not a reporting tool and I am not aware of any plans to increase the functionality here.

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