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User Templates for existing users

Sam P

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Is it / could it be possible to apply User Templates to existing users from the User record?  Its not always appropriate to Copy from another user.  Something like "Copy from Template" or "Apply Template"?


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Hi @Sam P

Are you manually creating and updating all of your users?  Do you have some form of automation like imports from AD for creating your users?  

I'm going to assume that your users are being imported.  The best way to manage this would be to have the roles managed as part of an import.  You can have multiple imports set up, with each import configured to add and update roles based on information held in AD.  For example, you could create a Data Import Configuration to be used when an AD User's department attribute = X.  On that Data Import Configuration, you define the roles that you want for that user.

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Thanks @James Ainsworth, our users are created as part of the BP and then updated from an AD import, but I'm more thinking of existing users, not new ones.  A couple of examples might be:

  • Basic Users that become Full Users
  • Full users that become Change Managers or Change Management Users (that then need Boards, etc)
  • Full users that become Project Managers
  • Full users that become Admins 

At the moment I have a notepad where I make all these notes but would be really useful if the templates allowed us to do the same.

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Hi Sam,

These don't have to be new users in order to use the import to update their profiles.  The imports are very good at managing updates to existing users too.  However, I know that there can then be a dependence on having AD set up and used in a way to capture the correct information.

Bringing this back into Hornbill, and having a change or service request to manage this could provide the automation and the audit trail of performing these actions.  In place of taking notes, just open a request catalog item that asks for the appropriate information, which then automatically opens, updates, and closes the request.  It's a bit like applying a template with an audit trail.


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