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Authorisation email template - want to use a tailored template on 2 different processes

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Hi All.

Until now we have only had one process using the built in authorisation process in the system, but now have another process which will be using this functionality.

However, I note we can only set one email template as a global value for authorisation's, but we ideally would like to tailor the authorisation email for different areas/teams and include different values dependent on the request type. We would like to inject different values into the template as one team the authorisers have a full user licence, so can click into the full request in SM to get more details, whereas this new setup we ideally just want to send the authorising email to the manager with the pertinent data included in the template so that they do not have to log into SM and view the full request data and just make use of a collaboration licence instead.

Is this currently possible / has anyone else found a solution to a similar situation? If this is not something currently available, could it be explored further at all please as an enhancement?

Many thanks as always

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Hi Adrian,

As part of the Authorisation Automation node in the BPM, you can use the Authorisation Details section, along with variables to populate the content of the authorisation email.  The email template used for authorisations can then just be used for defining common headers and footers to the email.  Everything else comes from the Details.  Let us know if this is what you are looking for. 


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