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Error on several requests this morning (flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-50786f32") execute: could not get flowcode document)


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"flowcode ("s1"/"flowcode-50786f32") execute: could not get flowcode document..."

I have seen this on five tickets today.

A few failed in an Update Request TimeLine node which had this variable in the Text, posting the outcome and response from an External Authorisation node:

"&[global.email_auth_node_state["emailApproval-53cadcbd"].outcome] - &[global.email_auth_node_state["emailApproval-53cadcbd"].responseComments]"

Simply restarting the last step from the UI enabled it to carry on.

Anything going on with Ext Auth etc?

A few others failed in the Get Manager details as below (a generic node with no configuration), again, the restart last step enabled it to carry on:


No changes made in the above flows or nodes in recent time...

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