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Displaying Asset Info on Main request page

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Just checking to see if there is anyway the users asset(s) can be displayed on the main request page?

maybe where the Information section, activities and members sections show on the right of the page, could asset info be added anyway here?

i know there is a Icon on main page to select specifically for Assets, but just wondered if there was a way to display a users asset with out having to click another button





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Hi @lee mcdermott


I'm guessing that what you are looking for is not having to click on the Asset action in order to see which assets the customer has?  

I can't see this being added to the right hand side.  It's entirely possible for a customer to have many assets which would would require a long list to display them.  Adding these kinds of things to the main request could create a very large and possibly cluttered request form.  

If there is a point within a process where you would like the Asset Action to be selected by default, there are BPM Automation nodes, such as the suspend nodes, that allow you to select this Asset Action to have the focus, so that extra click isn't needed.






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@James Ainsworth @lee mcdermott

You could look to have a configurable settings that allows the Asset section which is displayed currently when you link an asset to the request, to be displayed when there are no assets linked (yet) but there are Assets used by the coworker/external contact so that you can expand and this section and link from there?



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