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UI BPM Editor issue: when creating a new group, it does not 'include'/move all the selected nodes until you have moved and released it once

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I've just spotted a UI issue I think. To reproduce:

  1. Open a BPM in the editor
  2. Select a few ungrouped nodes to group
  3. Right click and create new group
  4. Immediately attempt to grab the blue bar and move the group
  5. You will find the nodes don't move but the box does (empty)
  6. Release the blue bar and grab it again and move it
  7. You will find it now moves the nodes that are still in the box (which may now not include all the ones you originally selected)

The workaround is to always do a 'mini move' of the new box and release that and grab again before moving it.

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Hi Berto,

Have added it to "Stuff To Fix" list for BPM. Should be easy enough to sort out. Look out for a FIX: in upcoming release notes of CORE UI (this is not a Service Manager issue)


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