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Date Range in Date/Time fields not being honoured.


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Good afternoon,

We have discovered a defect with the Date/Time field in the ICF. On our New Starter and Mover forms, we have a minimum date range of 5 days, using the ServiceDeskDefault calendar.

It has just been reported to me that users are able to select dates less than 5 days (excluding weekends).

Here is the Calendar:

So according to the settings the 6th, 7th and 8th should be greyed out, but unfortunately that is not the case as shown above.

Here are the settings for the field:

This issue is occurring for each form where we have a date range on it.

In case you need to see the Calendar as well:

This is going to have an impact on any work as the 5-day restriction is there to allow time to get things ready for New Starters and Movers for example.

Please can this be looked at with urgency.



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@samwoo I think I got it fixed. But found something wrong in your calculations.

In your example as you set MIN=5 it should make grey following (working) days 1st(as first day), 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th - that's all. 8th can't be grey as is 6 day in row.
In my example it starts from 2nd so it ends on 8th.


I will do few more tests and will send it to release process. Will notify you here in what build number you can expect it to be included.

Thank you,

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