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LDAP import utility

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When I run the ldap import utility it seems to be using log level 2. Which just gives a summary of accounts it will create.

Does anyone know what switched I need to use to change the logging level to get more details?

I am using the following

LDAP_User_Import.exe -config=ldap-import-staff-ou -dryrun=true -instanceid=XXXXXXXXX -apikey=XXXXXXX


In the Data Import Configuration section in Hornbill Admin I cannot see any options for logging level




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@Martyn Houghton @Paul Alexander


thanks... i was about to just update this as well as i spotted that after I posted and have changed it to debug saved and then tried to run the cmd again from my server (on my internal network) but it still seems to be running as before with log level 2?


do i need to wait or do something else? as the logs I am checking are the log folder and files the ladap import tool creates on my local server?


are these logs created and accessible somewhere within hornbill?

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