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Salma Sarwar

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Hi @Salma Sarwar

Are you asking about the 'auto fill' items in the form?

If so, that's a Chrome setting (assuming you're using Google Chrome as your browser)? Details on how to do that are here under the 'Delete your saved auto-fill form info' title,

If that's NOT what you're asking, could you be a little more specific please?





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Hi @Salma Sarwar

If you are referring to the dropdown "Knowledge Center" that appears when you start typing (and overlaps the rest of the fields) - there is a system setting to turn this off:

  • Go to Admin
  • Select Platform Configuration
  • Click on "Core Settings"
  • Search for the setting "guest.anonymous.employeePortal.core.disable-knowledge-search-in-pro-cap"
  • Turn this ON

This will disable this function



Kind Regards



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