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SM Search criteria not matching the conditions

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We have someone who was looking for something specific, so was using the advanced search feature within 'Request List' but didn't get the expected results.  Here is an example of the criteria they are using as an example of it not working:


In this example the total results should be 0, but it's picking up 166 with deommission in the summary.  It looks like something isn't picking up the AND statement, more of an IF statement, even though it says 'ALL of these conditions must match'


Any thoughts on how to correct this? Or is this a bug in the Advanced search capability? 

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If you use the same field then the view will treat that as an "OR" condition.
All conditions from different fields must be matched.

So if you added:

Owner is Brian

as the next condition you would effectively be saying:

(Summary = "decommission" OR Summary = "DefinitelyNOTaSTRINGyouWillFIND") AND Owner = "Brian"


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