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Enhancement: Allow selection of Users in IC form to be restricted to specified Org Groups


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I have a bunch of people in the organisation who are Mobile Phone Approvers. We maintain this as a SimpleList at present but want to automate it.

I planned to have these users added to an AD Group (maintained by Cloud node updates in BPM) which would sync-in as General Organisation Group.

The issue is that I cannot configure the Intelligent Capture form to present the list of users in a given OG. I only have these options (below screenshot).

What I think we need is something like this:

  1. A "Search Organisation Group" option in which one selects the group and then the customer selects the people within it
  2. A filter on the existing "Search Basic Users" and "Search Co-workers" and "Search Colleagues" options to restrict by OG is desired

We do have a Get Organisations option but that's not doing what I need it to do.


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  • Berto2002 changed the title to Enhancement: Allow selection of Users in IC form to be restricted to specified Org Groups

Hi @Berto2002

I'm interested about your process.  Is there a requirement to capture this group of people during the raising of the request?  I ask because there are options within the BPM to get groups of people that could then be used to authorise a request.  This being an example. 


Here is another approach...


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Hi @James Ainsworth.

What we need is very similar to the Get Authorisers by Group feature but it's exposed to the Customer through the IC form, not the analyst through the Human Task/UI.

Our business case is that the issue of a Mobile Phone needs to be approved by any one of a number of people across the organisation and we currently want the Users to pick these because 1) there can be multiple options and 2) it's almost impossible for us to automate which authoriser to pick for each request because the decision is not always hierarchical.

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@James Ainsworth. I will look at the import utility. But that will need an export from AD into a file to then be imported; quite a fragile workaround for the requirement.

Another use case for the "filter by org group" has emerged. We are looking to put Councillor casework into the system and Councillors want to be able to select up to two other Councillors (ward partners usually) to act as Collaborators on tickets.

At the moment, the only option I have is to expose the "All" list of people to select and we fear this will mean Councillors actually list Directors and Service Leads or other people (like a cc list) so we REALLY want to restrict that to the contents of the "Elected Councillors" AD group / OG.

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