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Are we able to redirect the 'next' button within a intelligent capture if the customer has chosen a specific option in the question set?


Customer chooses 'Flexible working application' which is an eForm within Frevvo. Can't rebuild it in Service Manager due to not having authorisation licences for all line managers, so have to keep the form in Frevvo. Instead of clicking 'next' and having a 'Please click this hyperlink and do not click finish' type situation, are we able to redirect to the Frevvo and upon that click have the SM ticket autoclose?


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You can simulate Authorisations in Service Manager by:

  • Creating an email to the Authoriser.
  • Creating a Human Task with Authorise and Reject (etc. if necessary) Outcomes.
  • When the response from the Authoriser arrives, the Task Assignee completes the Task with the relevant Outcome.
  • Optionally having an expiry on the Task to allow for a Chase mechanism

There is also the External Authorisation option, which does not require a license.

You can also simply send an email from the Business Process saying "Do this in Frevvo" (obviously you'd word it better!) and autoclose the Request.

There is no option to do this in a Capture, though.

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@lokent we have done similar things and we direct out of the system via a link, we then prevent the customer from logging the request as we make a couple of labels that are mandatory therefore no request is raised in the system, the customer just closes that tab in their browser.

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Hi @lomixture

The Cancel node allows the capture workflow to exit without any further processing. This behaves the same as if the user had selected the cancel button that is available when filling out a capture. The user will be returned to where the Intelligent Capture was initiated from.
(please see the wiki)
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