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R Script Reports - All Failing


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All of our R Script reports are showing an error and have stopped working, (Error copied from .Out file)

"Error in load(name, envir = .GlobalEnv) : 
  embedded nul in string: 'Request ID,Cancellation Reason,Category Name,Closed By Team,Closed By Username,Closure Category Name,Date Closed,Date Logged,Date Resolved,Description,Request Resolve By,Reopened By Team,Reopened By Username,Resolved By Team,Resolved By Username,Site,Status,Request Type,Within Resolve Time,Customer ID\r\n"CH00040594","","Change","IT Systems Team","","Change>Completed",03 Nov 20 09:32:30,03 Nov 20 09:10:47,,"TempDB keeps filling OS volume and it should reside on Data / Log volumes",,"","","","","","status.closed","Change Request",,""\r\n"CH00040596","","Change","IT Systems Team: Change Management","","Change>Completed",03 Nov 20 09:25:22,03 Nov 20 09:23:06,,"Exchange 2016 is currently running CU 9 dated April 2018. Functionality within the EAC has now been lost and can no longer switch between O365 and On-Prem.",,"","","","","","status.closed","Change Request",,""\r\n"CH00040690","","Change","
Calls: sys.load.image -> load
Execution halted"

We think it started sometime after 17th Jan 20:00

Working off when the last time we had a successful Request ID. 

This report error is also included on Reports that dont contain any data from the "Requests" table. (e.g. Pulling Asset Data)


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Hi @JamieMews

I was interested to know if you have made any headway with this or if it is still an issue?  I'm afraid that I don't personally have knowledge of R Script and can't say at this point if the issue is with the script or Hornbill.  

The only thing that jumped out to me is there there are some set of commas that don't include quotes between them and others that do.  Only a guess, but is one of these expecting a string or at least a space using quotes, but instead they are being seen as nul?


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