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Is it possible to restrict or default the email templates used behind the Email Action Button in Requests?


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We are starting to get non-IT teams to use the product which means rolling-out the product to less tech-savvy people.

We have differently branded email templates for each area but in the Email section of the UI, there is a default which is currently the IT-orientated "RequestMessage" blue/green flavour. The list of templates is significant and confuses people.

Is there a way to:

  1. Specify the default template that loads using a criteria like we do for Custom Buttons?
  2. Filter the available template lists in a similar way?
  3. Include in that list only templates users should use from the UI (most are used by BPMs so should not be available to any user, even IT)

Without this, every person using this interface has the chance to send the wrong template if they try to select something different and nonIT teams will always be at risk of sending the IT-branded template and confusing users.

If none of the above, how do we make that a suggestion?


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