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Calendar not showing activities on day view since 17/01/2023

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Hi I flagged that inside Service Manager as I did not find the proper "Home" or "Calendar" category. When me and all the coworkers go to Home-->My Activities We can see the monthly and weekly views without any issue, showing all the activities and days. But, since yesterday we are not able to see the "Day" view with the related activities and their times. 



There's any flagged issue on that? What would be the ETA for any kind of fix?



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Hi @Oriol Martinez

It's not always easy to say exactly when it would be available.  The benefit of the continuous deployment model is it allows us to have updates applied anywhere from a few days to few weeks.  The amount of content and the complexity of the release testing can influence how long something takes.  What you can be assured of is that you are not going to be waiting months for an update.  The last update was on Jan 9th, so provided there are no hold-ups through testing, it should be with you soon.  

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