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Restricting end date based in Intelligent capture


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We've been asked to put a 2 year restriction on the end date people are able to select when logging Starters with certain employment contracts. 

This is this field type:


We've tried putting 730 in the 'Date Range End' and even higher numbers, however it seems to restrict it to a year when we've tested it on the form.

Can you please confirm it's possible to restrict it to a date beyond a year?



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@Steve GillerCan I double check if this setting is meant to takes into account the weekends?   

In our default calendar we work Monday-Friday so I'm checking to see if I need to include the weekends or not in the below (I want to say they can't select anything less than 10 working days) in the range start.



I've tested it and to achieve 10 working days it appears I have to set it to 14.  Please can you confirm.



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