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LDAP Import - User's Manager data not importing

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I've just got Data Import Configuration working successfully for LDAP user import from Active Directory.  Most attributes are importing fine, but for some reason the User account's manager is not populating.  Please see attached image showing our current set up.  My guess is we've not set up the User Options > Manager section correctly.  Anyone able to guide please?

Manager import not working.jpg

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The documentation for the Manager assignment on the wiki gives more detail on how to configure the various options.

Although the given regex will work for the majority of situations, you may need to adjust it to match the configuration of your LDAP source data.
You may or may not need the "Reverse" option on, again based on your LDAP source.

Depending on the manager's distinguished name attribute you may wish to use the "Search for Manager Id" option and/or the "Match Against DN"

If you can adjust these settings based on your underlying data source (and maybe a little testing - we'd recommend doing this on a small group of accounts or even better an individual) you should get the combination suitable for your import.
The -dryrun=true commandline parameter, when specified, will ensure no information will be written to Hornbill and it allows you to confirm that the configuration is correct during testing.

If you have further questions after reviewing the settings alongside the documentation please post back.

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@Steve Giller Thank you

The new Create/Update LDAP import ran again last night and this time, it populated the Manager field.  I made no changes.  Looks like a case of - it doesn't work when creating a user account from scratch, but once it is there, it works?

I'm going to set up one more test of this today to check on Monday.

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