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Requests Assigned to Team by Type

Sam P

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Reporting is not my strong point.  Can anyone help me output the number of Requests per Team, by Type? 

Something like:

Team 1  Incidents: 150
              Service Requests: 25

Team 2  Incidents: 13
              Service Requests: 51

etc.  Thank you

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Hi @Sam P,

The Reporting section will only (currently) allow you to select a SINGLE field to group on - whereas you want to effectively group on two columns (Team & Type).

That being said, it IS possible to sneak in the grouping on a SECOND column - within the "Output Formats"-section. The catch: the results are in a chart and not a number.

In your case, you would want to set up a "Grouped list/count of data" report, "Group By" the Team on the "Ordering"-section and finally, in "Output Formats", select the Request Type field in the "Group Section Chart Options" (selecting a Chart Type in the process).

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